Re: Dot Net is sexy

This post is a reply to Chris’s post (found here ), which spawned from Kieran’s post (found here )

The original post compared programming languages…but not in the traditional sense where one compares the actual syntax, performance, support, openness or usability etc. but comparing the amount you get laid correlated with the programming language one ‘codes’ in!

Chris makes a fair argument saying .NET is the language of sex i must say, as all my colleagues who I work with are also all in relationships (although…almost all of their relationships started prior to them using .NET, but lets leave that out for the purposes of humouring ones-self d:). And One of them is a girl! yes, a female!

Is it the parent child architectural structure of windows programming having an affect on humans mind as we are predisposed to reproduction…?

Is it like Dan Zambonini said, that programmers working with tools visually like those admin people use (including hot secretary’s and receptionists (; ) bridges the gap between genders in the workplace?

studies are needed to try and answer these big questions… d:

Thanks for the mention Chris, particually impressed you went to the effort to get a pic of me and my sexy friend lol 😀

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